After finishing our Kilimanjaro hike – and a good night’s rest in Klub Afriko’s bungalows – we begun the second part of our adventure: the safari. In the African dawn we set out on the crowded road to Arusha. David was our driver again, and with us was also Sam, one of our porters on Kilimanjaro, and – as we now were told – our cook in days to come. Through the hustle and bustle of Arusha streets, David navigated our huge Range Rover to the Imperial Hotel, where Darrell and Freddy ran in and took care of the group’s money exchange needs, before we continued to the other side of the city, and the road to Tarangire national park. Tarangire is famous for its elephant populations, and as the Tanzanian countryside passed by outside our sturdy vehicle, we spoke of elephants and wondered if we’d see any, and how close to them we would be. We were also excited about the opportunity to go on a walking safari, and see the elephants and other animals while on foot. After another brief stop, to buy water and provisions (and getting hassled by the local women selling various trinkets) we soon arrived at the gate to the park.
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